[Literary Games Group] 14/7/21 – Start of Semester 2

Hi again everyone for another semester,

This week we set up the literary games group for another semester, for meetings from 12 – 2pm every Wednesday.

We have decided to start the semester with a reading of the book “Gaming and the Virtual Sublime: Rhetoric, Awe, Fear, and Death in Contemporary Video Games”, by Matthew Spokes. The first chapter of this book, entitled “What Are Games For?”, is the reading for this week.

Our basic decision for the games we will play this semester is that we will use “The Outer Wilds” as our long-term project, but we also want to have a slot every session open to play a slice of a game, or just finish a shorter experience. I have also created a document that allows us to sort of see what’s coming up on the horizon and allows us to sort of “schedule in” what games we’d like to play next. It can also be a way to chart games that you might like to come in and see played and discussed. The document can be accessed here.

I have set up the first “game slice” to play, a bit of the classic survival horror game “Silent Hill 4: The Room“, which (mostly) works with the controller!

Hope everyone has a great week ahead, looking forward to reconvening and playing some cool games next week!

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