[Open Hours –Week 3] – Who’s Afraid of Digital Literature?

Join us on Friday 9 November between 12 noon and 1pm at the Digital Humanities Hub for the third of our weekly Open Hours!

Topic – Digital literature

This session moves from the distant reading – and ideally not the distant memory – of last week’s focus on textual analysis, to the practice of close reading works of digital-born fiction and poetry – also known as digital (or electronic) literature.

After making some sense of what this stuff is, we’ll consider the relationship between digital humanities and creative media, and also what happens to the literary imagination itself when minds and machines commune, and compose.

We ask not how humanists are using computers to understand text (after Ted Underwood), but how computers might be using humanists…


Viewing – Leonardo Flores, “I ♥ E-Poetry,” TEDx Talk (2016)

Reading – Scott Rettberg, “Electronic Literature as Digital Humanities”


Exemplar – Will Luers, “Tales of Automation”



WHEN: 12pm – 1pm, Friday 9 November 2018

WHERE: Digital Humanities Hub, Room 1W3, First Floor, Arts Building

WHO: Anyone in the University community – there’s no advance registration required, but we always appreciate knowing in advance if you are planning to come along!


HOST: David Ciccoricco – dave.ciccoricco@otago.ac.nz



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