[Open Hours Discussion] Data Wrangling and Digital (in)Security | David Hood

Join us on Friday 28th June as we host another Open Hours session between 1 and 2pm at the Digital Humanities Hub | Te Pokapū Matihiko o Te Kete Aronui!

This week’s discussion is with David Hood who works in Human Resources as an Adviser in IT Training and Development. In this position he is responsible for training students and staff in a variety of software applications, and included in this are classes on how to stay safe in the digital environment. However, in his spare time, David is a digital activist, using publicly available data to highlight or unravel misconceptions in social and political issues in the media.

David will discuss some of his data discoveries – including his findings when the alt-right Canadian speakers Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern’s visit to New Zealand caused havoc in the Twittersphere.

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